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VmcatPro  module need only average 0.150 Secondes before caching and 0.010 Secondes for Total of 1477 categories after cache.

Compared to Virtuemart categories module need 11,639 Secondes before caching and 0.520 Secondes for Total of 1477 categories after cache.

So on first load VmcatPro  is on average more then 50X faster !

Remember that this time is added to the HTML loading time and 0.5 secondes is important for a web page.

VmCatPro, only use 2 query for first module and 1 for additional module in same page.
Virtuemart module need 1 query per category + 1 category for each level, this mean that for 1477 categories you need more then 1500 queries !

You can use super cache, this is 2 time faster and use a permanent file(can be removed/refreshed with joomla cache cleaning)

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